BRADENTON, Fla. ( - A Manatee County homeowner who got patriotic with the paint-job on his house was told he has 90 days to bring his house into compliance with local codes or face a fine of $100 a day.

Brent Greer appeared before the city of
Bradenton code enforcement board to defend himself against code violations related to his home.

Greer, who painted his home to resemble the American flag, met with the code enforcement board Tuesday afternoon to hash out a slew of violations that the city found when they responded to a complaint of an overturned Christmas tree outside his home in February.

Greer believes the
Bradenton code enforcement officers are nit-picking about cosmetic issues. The city decided they will begin fining Greer $100 a day if he doesn’t comply with their renovation requests within the next 90 days.

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