NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. (970 WFLA) - Pasco County Sheriff's deputies say they are working with the New Port Richey Police Department in an investigation after they say a few suspects hit two New Port Richey vehicles with their vehicle.

Deputies say one officer received minor injuries while the other officer is uninjured. They also say police tried to chase the suspects which entered the county jurisdiction. Deputies say they were not involved in the chase but responded afterward to investigate.

Deputies say the first stop took place on the 6800 block of Arroyo Drive where the initial attempted murder occurred as the suspect attempted to pin the officer as he exited his patrol car.

From there, deputies say a pursuit began and then there was an aggravated battery against another officer on the 4200 block of Green Key Road. There were additionally two aggravated assaults with a motor vehicle against two other NPR police officers on Green Key heading out to US19, deputies say, and those two officers then crashed into each other at Gulf Trace and US 19 (FHP handling) while the suspects continued on and later abandoned the blue car at 6400 block of Sun High Drive.

The suspects have not been caught.