TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA.com) - Rosemary Williams called her four-year-old grandson Marterrance, Mont.

“He's bad but he's a sweet bad. You know kids get into stuff and if he got into something, he would crawl up under the table and hide when he knows he is about to get in trouble,” said Williams as she remember her grandson Marterrance Albury who was killed Sunday.

Marterrance was under the watch of his 17-year-old brother when teen told police the four-year-old disappeared.

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Around 9:45 Sunday, a driver called 911, telling police that they witnesses a child being pushed or falling from an SUV at North Florida and 109 Avenue. The child was then run over by the back wheels of the SUV. He was taken to
St. Joseph’s where he passed away.

“What kind of a human being could do this to a child and walk away like they did nothing?  Even if he didn't want to get caught he could've taken my grandbaby to a hospital and he could've laid him there and drove off,” said Williams Monday evening.

Marterrance’s mother was out with a friend when her son was killed. After hearing the news, she had to be hospitalized for a mental evaluation.

Police are looking for a 2001-2004 Ford Expedition. They tell us no in the family a vehicle like it. Police have also interviewed Marterrance’s brother.

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