SOUTH PASADENA, Fla. (970 WFLA)PinellasCounty deputies say a St. Pete man was arrested after they say he crashed an SUV into a Walmart store.

According to deputies, Thursday morning at midnight 32-year-old Frank J. Lucerno was in the parking lot of the Walmart store at a stop sign directly facing the front of the store located at 6850 Gulfport Boulevard South.

Deputies say a witness who was in a vehicle behind Lucerno told deputies they noticed Lucerno was not moving so the witness blew the horn, flashed the lights and when the vehicle still did not move - drove around it. Deputies say the witness then parked and began walking toward the store and then saw Lucerno accelerate suddenly and crash directly into the building. Deputies say the vehicle crashed into the produce section of the store, resulting in thousands of dollars in damage.

Deputies say Lucerno stepped out of the vehicle uninjured and no one inside the store was injured.

Deputies say they conducted a DUI investigation and Lucerno was subsequently arrested for DUI.