By: Jennifer Dixon



Dave Andreychuk, the Tampa Bay Lighting Analyst, joined The Sports Page this morning to discuss the return of Steve Stamkos and some of the challenges that Stamkos is going to be facing when he returns to the ice.

“I don’t care who you are, the speed  - you can’t replicate that in practices, the physicality - that is going to happen,” Andreychuk said. “He is going to have a few challenges ahead of him. That is why I am hoping he can have a couple of good practice here. Go full out and then get into the game, and see how he fells, and then we can move on from there,” said Andreychuk.

Andreychuk believes it could be a good thing for the Lightning, if Stamkos does play in the Olympics.

“He is going to be playing some pretty high level games, and when he comes back he will be in full gear coming back after the break,” Andeychuck said.

Click below to listen to the full interview, and hear what Andreychuk had to say about last night’s game.