BY: John Mamola

It was a long day indeed for former Tampa Bay Lightning captain Martin St. Louis on Wednesday.  St. Louis was traded early in the morning then caught the first flight he could to get to New York City only to play with his new Rangers teammates in a 3-2 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

While the 38 year old winger did not have a chance to say goodbye to the fan base which supported him for 14 seasons, St. Louis penned a letter apologizing for the way the last couple of weeks went down in Tampa Bay.  St. Louis wrote:

“I would rather not discuss what brought me to that decision, but in the end this is a decision for my family.  I respect the fact that many of you do not agree with my decision and are angry with it.  All I really can say is that I am sorry and I am very appreciative of the support you have shown me through the years.”

In his post game press conference last night in New York, St. Louis said he worries about how his legacy will be affected with the way this trade occurred.

“I do (worry about his legacy in Tampa Bay),” said St. Louis.  “It’s a fresh wound right now and I didn’t really get a chance to say a goodbye kind of thing.  I owe a lot to the (Lightning) fans and I think the same reasons why they fell in love with me many years ago is the same reasons why they probably understand what I’m all about.  I think I’m a character guy.  I know this is hard for them (the fans).  I didn’t take this decision lightly, but I knew it was the right one.”