BY: Reid Pittman

Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Ben Bishop participated in an exit interview this morning and talked about his recent injuries, and his feelings on missing the playoffs.

Bishop left the Lightning’s 3-0 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs on April 8th with an upper body injury, which was later specified as a dislocated elbow.  He also suffered from torn ligaments in his right wrist, which he tore right before the All-Star break in January.

These injuries kept Bishop from playing in the last three regular season games as well as the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Montreal Canadiens 

When asked about how he felt missing the playoffs, he admitted that it was a tough ending to a great year.

“Stammer came in in between periods and gave me a hug and I actually started crying,” Bishop said.” I knew we worked all year to get there and I knew I probably wasn’t going to be able to play in the first round.”

Bishop also shares his excitement to get back on the ice when he is recovered.

“There is still a lot of fuel,” Bishop said. “I’m ready to go right now, but I have to wait four months. 

To listen to Bishop’s full comments on his injury, his feelings on missing the playoffs, his thoughts on the Lightning’s performance in the playoffs, how ready he is for next season and more, click below: