Time changes everything.  For the Tampa Bay Lightning, that meant a changing of the man behind the bench for the last few years.  A man who took them one goal away from a Stanley Cup Finals berth just two years ago.  A man who was soft-spoken yet had a message.  A message that some say started to become lost on his team.  Hence the decision from General Manager, Steve Yzerman, to relieve Guy Boucher of his coaching duties last month.
After some time away from the game to regroup and think about his life after the Lightning, Boucher chose Wednesday to finally spoke to the local media in depth about how he feels regarding where he's at since the move was made.
"You know it's always surprising.  It was a shock," Boucher said. "I've actually had some texts and messages from some coaches in the league saying that finally I was a professional coach because I got fired."
It was a light-hearted comment that brought on a bit of laughter and some smiles amongst the media.  But there was no doubt emotion behind them.  Boucher says he has had nothing but respect for Yzerman since day one, regardless of the decision that was made.
"Steve's always extremely respectful and I believe I'm the same," Boucher said. "So it was a very brief conversation where he just stated that he wanted to make a change and he was thanking me for my services and I did the same."
Boucher made a home here.  He made a family here.  In the end, Boucher couldn't be more grateful.
"My family and I couldn't imagine being better treated, welcome, and supported by the organization, by the fans, and by the community.  I love the organization.  I love the people in it.  For me it's always about people.  It's not about things, it's not about structure, it's about people."