He might not have talked after his Rangers' Game 3 loss, but Martin St. Louis notably opened up the following day -- to WDAE's own Tom Jones.

In an exclusive interview given Tuesday the former Tampa Bay Lightning captain responded to sentiments that he abandoned his team.

"You think I turned my back?" St. Louis responded, with what Jones described as a "pained" look no his face.

When his loyalty to the franchise was questioned St. Louis said "I was there 13, 14 years. Was anyone more loyal to them in those 14 years?"

He did say he understood fans' feelings and stressed that he loves Tampa.

Though St. Louis has been loathe to talk about his departure, Jones did get him to open up about the reasons for it. And in a nutshell, it was all over Lightning GM Steve Yzerman's leaving St. Louis off the Olympic roster for Team Canada.The full story is available HERE.

Listen to Jones explain the conversation with St. Louis below:


Photo: Getty Images