By Dory LeBlanc

Thursday morning, former Broncos executive said the Bucs should stick with QB Mike Glennon for the stability factor. Thursday afternoon, former Buccaneers running back Earnest Graham, who follows his former team very closely, gave Glennon an even bigger endorsement.

Talking to Tom Krasniqi, Graham said the Bucs do not need to address a quarterback in the offseason.

“I don’t think they do,” Graham said. “Of course, I like Johnny Football like everybody else. But I think he's a very, very solid player. I think he’s a guy that can make all the throws. He has better-than-average mobility. I mean, he’s what you like in a pro quarterback. I think you can win a lot of football games with a guy like him. So I don’t think they really need to address it unless they find a guy that they really, really, really like. Other than that, no. I think they should stay put with him."

Graham went on to agree he is a "Glennon guy:"

"I like Glennon. I like Glennon. I like the way he throws the ball. You know, he makes very, very quick decisions. He’s a very decisive guy. He has, you know, very good presence in the pocket. I like him. I think you can win a lot of games with a guy like him.”

To hear the conversation with Graham in its entirety, including what Graham does think the Bucs do need to address as well as if he thinks Greg Schiano was in over his head in his former position, click the player below: