BY: John Mamola /

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers opened up the entire playbook in their blowout victory over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday afternoon.  An onside kick, a half back pass, and a direct snap on a fake punt were all elements in the Buccaneers victory, and former Buccaneers tight end Anthony Becht believes that the Bucs should consider utilizing any plays to win the game every week.

“To win games in the NFL, you have to be great on the three phases of football” said Becht.  “I thought that they (Buccaneers) went out and played from the first snap to the last snap on all three phases, they went out there and played a game that I consider ‘Buc Football.’  Is that something we’ll see every week, or is that something we should have saw the first eight or nine weeks of the season I think so.”

Becht told WDAE’s ‘The Sports Page’ that the production of the offensive and defensive lines have been much better as of late, and he believes the Bucs could make some noise down the home stretch of the season.

“Winning is contagious as losing is, and I think if you can put something together that guys start believing in maybe we get on a nice little roll here and start getting three-four-five-six games in a row and really end the season on a high point.”