By Dory LeBlanc

Reports have been rampant lately as who will be on Lovie Smith's staff. Saturday, we found out former Cal coach Jeff Tedford was hired to be Smith's offensive coordinator. Reports seemed to pin Rod Marinelli and Leslie Frazier as the favorites to become the defenisve coordinator. We found out just who that missing piece of the puzzle will be Monday during Smith's introductory press conference.

In the question/answer portion of Smith's introducion, the Bucs head coach confirmed that former Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier would run his defense in his second stint in Tampa. 

"First off, Rod Marinelli - as I said before, Rod is like a brother to me; great guy, great coach," Smith said, "But Rod is a Dallas Cowboy. We didn't, we're not going to ask for permission. Rod will be there to do Jason Garrett a a great job.

"I'm excited about Leslie Frazier being my defensive coordinator. I had a chance to get to know Leslie, first, when we were both assistant coaches. Him as defensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings and then lately, of course, having the opportunity to compete with him. 

"As I looked for a defensive coordinator, and it so happens we play the NFC North Division, too, so he knows it. He's a great man for you ladies and gentlemen that know Leslie Frazier; he's just a great leader. So, it was a no-brainer, really, to get him. 

"We've always wanted to work together, so I think with him leading our defense, Jeff Tedford - and the energy Jeff will bring, too; Jeff's a fresh guy. He might not have been in the NFL, but he has fresh ideas coming through - but when we started matching things up, what I believe in, what he believes in - I just think it's going to be a good deal."

If you missed the press conference, click below to hear it in its entirety: