Buccaneers' Super Bowl XXXVII winning quarterback Brad Johnson joined the Ron and Ian Show Thursday morning on his way to the golf course, and shared his own favorite memories and views on newly retired Buc, Ronde Barber.  

"You've got every accolade you can think of from Pro Bowler to leadership and all that kind of stuff," Johnson said. "The one play that always sticks [out] in the back of my mind was obviously the play he had in Philadelphia.

"He intercepted it - we were up 20-10, he closes the game out in Philadelphia and runs it 80 or 90 yards back for the touchdown. I mean, it was fitting for that guy to make the play.

"He's gritty, he's tough. When guys are playing, there are some guys that don't know that they don't know. He's a guy that knew that he knew. It sounds crazy; he'd study film, he knew formations, he knew the depth of their (opponents) receivers, he's just a true professional the whole way.

"And the greatness of Ronde too - even when things weren't great, he'd take the blame like, 'Listen, we're not playing good enough, we're not getting it done,' he was a true leader, a true man and made plays. Just a true example. The way you want to play, that's the way you want to play. 

"And the Hall of Fame stuff, that will come up later in time, but I can't imagine a better player for an organization than he is. Obviously we won a Super Bowl because of him and so many other great players."

After joking with Diaz and Beckles about Barber's golf game, Johnson continued his praise of the 16-season Buccaneer defensive back. 

"You just want him to be a part of it, because greatness is going to happen from it, he's the guy that always knew how to be successful and he showed it to others."

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