Derrick Brooks was a guest with the Ron and Ian Show Wednesday and chatted up host Ron Diaz about the upcoming induction of former teammate Warren Sapp into the Hall of Fame.

"Can't wait til August 2 to go up there and see his induction. Hopefully he's the first of many in our organization," Brooks said of the upcoming ceremony at the Hall in Canton, Ohio.

He was also very forthcoming in his opinions on Josh Freeman, whose shoulders have plenty heaped upon them relative to the success of the team.

Brooks compared his situation to Joe Flacco as far as this being his contract year. Naturally Flacco handled it pretty well and to great financial advantage leading his team to a Super Bowl.

And as for the defense hopefully returning to the form of the Brooks-led glory days, "Hopefully that development is there and they can get back to their winning ways," Brooks said.

Here is the full conversation. The portion on the Buccaneers starts about halfway through, after Brooks first gives an update on his Tampa Bay Storm.