Former Buccaneers great and current president of the Tampa Bay Storm Derrick Brooks joined Tom Jones and Rick Stroud less than 12 hours after the Bucs officially announced that 16-season veteran Ronde Barber had retired.

Brooks played with Barber for 12 seasons (1997-2008), the longest span of any teammate of Barber's from the Super Bowl XXXVII team. 

Like many of the players that shared a locker room with Barber, Brooks spoke highly of Barber's competitiveness and durability. When it came to having the defensive back as a teammate, Brooks enjoyed it thoroughly. 

"It was fun to be quiet honest with you," Brooks said. "And to go through the work that we invested in this defense, playing in the nickel position, especially Cover-2, the isle as we said, perfecting our craft, being on the same page we had to, a lot of times, do that.

"That's the part that I guess is kind of hard to explain but yet brings some of the biggest joy when, I was thinking about it yesterday and even last night, just saying how we challenged each other to get better.

"The cerebral part of his game, I don't think people quite understood how smart of a player he was. And Ronde made a lot of big plays in big moments during his career and a lot of that came through [from] his preparation and his hard work. 

"You think about the true ability and trust that he did as a football player. Even myself, playing a lot of games, and there was probably some situations where injury would not have allowed us to play, but the coaches trusted us to play through those injuries and with those injuries because we were able to make plays and there's no better example of anyone doing that than himself."

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