He's arguably the most beloved coach in Buccaneer history.  It's also been argued that he was more responsible for the Bucs winning the Super Bowl than Jon Gruden was in 2002.  On Thursday, Tony Dungy was on with Ron and Ian and talked about everything from the upcoming "Faith and Family Night" this Friday night before the Storm game, to Josh Freeman, to the Bucs and Jets on-going Darrell Revis situation.  Dungy, who coached the Bucs from 1996 to 2001, told the guys that he's a fan of Freeman and that we just need to be patient.
"I think we gotta be a little bit patient," Dungy said when asked about the Bucs' fifth-year QB.  "We've seen some of the things that Mark Dominik and the staff have really fallen in love with Josh Freeman and we just have to see more of that."
Dungy still lives in the Tampa area and still follows his former team closely.  When asked about the potential deal for Revis and Dungy feels the Bucs would absolutely benefit with bringing in the All-Pro cornerback from the Jets, but he, himself, has always had a different philosophy about improving pass defense.
"If you can rush and pressure and force off-target throws, I always felt that was the best pass defense." he replied.
Coach Greg Schiano and Dungy met recently and had a very good conversation about the future of the team.
"I talked with Coach Schiano a little bit," Dungy said about the recent meeting.  "I think he is trying to put things together and get the right type of people in because that's really how you win."
This Friday night marks the annual "Faith and Family Night" before the Tampa Bay Storm game at the Tampa Bay Times Forum.  For more on what Dungy had to say about his involvment with that event and the entire conversation with Ron and Ian, click below for the podcast!