BY: John Mamola /

Could it be possible that former Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman is in a worse quarterback situation in Minnesota than he found himself in Tampa Bay?  That’s what FOXSports1 senior NFL insider Alex Marvez believes is the case as Freeman’s Vikings career got off to a rocky start last night in a 23-7 loss to the winless New York Giants on Monday Night Football. 

“You talk about Tampa Bay and their quarterback situation, forget about that.  The Vikings have mangled their handling of this position” said Marvez.  “From the bad evaluation of Christian Ponder, to deciding to pay Matt Cassel 2.7 million dollars to serve as a third stringer, it is a complete mess in Minnesota.”

As far as Freeman’s lackluster performance in the game, Marvez said it was unfair for the Vikings to put the fifth year veteran in that type of situation from the get-go.

“It was such a major collapse, but then again I shouldn’t probably use the word collapse because that would indicate that the Vikings had a chance to win this game to begin with” said Marvez.  “What Leslie Frazier (head coach) and the Minnesota Vikings did to Josh Freeman, say what you will about this guy’s time in Tampa, was completely unfair to keep him out on the field.  He had all of four practices to get him ready.” 

Marvez said that the seventh game of the season on Monday Night Football is no place to begin planning for 2014 and if Freeman could be the quarterback moving forward into the next season.