BY: John Mamola /

Following the Buccaneers 18-17 loss to the New York Jets in the season opener on Sunday, a lot of the focus has shifted towards the quarterback play of Bucs signal caller Josh Freeman.  Even though Freeman did lead his offense into scoring range in the closing moments of the game, some critics believe Freeman’s performance was still not up to par where a player starting his fifth season in the NFL should be.

One of those critics is NFL Network analyst and co-host of NFL-AM Steve Wyche who referenced Freeman’s career using baseball terminology.

“I’m a believer that a .280 hitter is a .280 hitter” said Wyche.  “He (Freeman) might have a .320 career year with 40 home runs, but at some point  he’s going to come back to batting .280 with  18-20 home runs.  So I think by this point career guys are who they are, and they can make improvements.  But Josh Freeman needs to figure something out pretty quickly.”

Wyche says that a lot of teams will struggle against the New York Jets defense and fans should not panic because it is only one game.  Wyche says the future for Josh Freeman and the Buccaneers is still a ‘wait and see’ situation, but believes Josh Freeman not being voted a team captain is a sign of things to come.

“I saw that and I said wow” said Wyche.  “That should tell you something.  He’s the quarterback and in his fifth season now.  This is supposed to be the guy.  You see Robert Griffin III, Matt Schaub and all these guys walking around that ‘C’ on their chest.   I’m sure Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, and Drew Brees have that ‘C’ on their jersey.   He doesn’t have one on his and that should tell you something.”

“If your teammates don’t vote you, that to me says a little something” said Wyche.  “For that person (captain) to not be a quarterback on offense, that to me sends a red flag.”