Former Buccaneer great John Lynch spoke to Steve Duemig Wednesday shortly after the news broke that another Bucs great, Ronde Barber, decided to retire.

Sharing stories and praising his teammate of seven years, Lynch spoke about Barber with a tone much deeper than just a guy he shared the field with; Lynch talked about Barber with obvious respect, admiration, and high esteem.

"I really don't think it's a say day," Lynch said, "I think it's a day to celebrate just a tremendous player who had such a big impact on an organization and a community and I think in retrospect, you look back and you always want to be one of those guys that retires when you still have something left. 

"And I think, could Ronde have played another year and played well? Absolutely. I thought he played very well last year at a new position. But I think it just lined up that this is the time for him to move on and I'm excited for him and the next chapter of his life with his family."

Lynch told Duemig that he had spoken with Barber recently and that the 16-season veteran said he was leaning in the direction of retirement.

"I talked to him a couple of weeks ago and he told me this was certainly the way that he was leaning," Lynch said, "And had not made a complete decision, but this was the way it looked like he was going. I told him I supported him whatever he decided and I thought he could not make a bad decision.  

"Like I said, just a magnificient, magnificent career. I remember it from the beginning; I had a great seat watching him. He was a tremendous teammate and he battled." 

Already in his fifth season when Barber was drafted, Lynch talked about that battle and fight that Barber had in him and called his friend a "tremendous competitor."

Lynch went on to say that Barber "Redefined the nickel position. What he did in that position - I think Aeneas Willliams had played it well before him, but Ronde took it to the next level."

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