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By Dory LeBlanc

Tomorrow night, the Bucs host division rival Carolina in a prime time matchup on the NFL Network, and the man calling that game, Mike Mayock, joined The Sports Page Wednesday morning. Mayock is widely known for his tape-study as well as his ability to evaluate football players, so his evaluation of Mike Glennon was the focal point of the conversation.

"Mike Glennon's got a good arm, he's completed almost 60-percent of his passes," Mayock said, "In three starts - and I watched every ball he threw in these three starts - it's a little bit what you'd expect with a rookie; when he gets time and can set his feet and read his progression and the ball comes out on time, it's really good. The problems come when things begin to break down. 

"I think last week, that first sack, which was turned into a sack-fumble which turned into a touchdown for Atlanta - they (Falcons) brought seven (defenders), they (Bucs) couldn't block it, and he (Glennon) saw it coming, all he did was not protect the football. And there's a bunch of rookie mistakes you see on tape, but I would be cautiously optimistic because he does have a good arm, he's a smart kid, and he works hard."

Part of that caution comes because Mayock is not yet sure if Glennon is a quarterback you can build a franchise around, but that's not necessarily because of lack of talent from the rookie himself. 

"For me, and I watched a lot of his tape at North Carolina State, for me it's really hard to sit here after three games and say, 'he's a pro franchise quarterback or not,'" Mayock explained. "I think you have to let this play out over the season. I wish he had more weapons; you know, after Vincent Jackson, there isn't a whole a lot out there at the wide receiver position. I think Tim Wright is developing as a potential weapon at tight end, but it's hard to judge a quarterback when there's not a whole lot to throw to, but I think you have to just let it play out. 

"The two big issues for him now are exactly what they were coming out of NC State, and that is the lack of mobility and a release - how quickly can he get the ball out of his hands? It's one thing when you're Matt Ryan and you can't run fast, but at least you can slide and move in the pocket, and that's what this kid (Glennon) has to show he can do." 

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