BY: John Mamola /

It has been a disappointing year for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after entering the season which such high hopes looking to build on a 7-9 season last year.  With everything that has happened and a maximum win total of five in the 2013 regular season, many have begun to ask the questions about what is to come in the off season for the pewter and red.  Will the Buccaneers be making wholesale changes when the final second ticks off the final regular season game on Sunday in New Orleans?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers radio analyst Dave Moore joined WDAE’s ‘The Ron and Ian Show’ on Monday and said if anything were to happen in the off season it’s ultimately coming down to what is best for Buccaneers business.

“I think what people lose sight of is ultimately professional football is a business” said Moore.  “The owners (Glazer Family) will go back and they’ll sit down and say what the best thing for this franchise is, and not even necessarily the players involved or the coaches but what is going put fans in the stands and sell tickets.”

Moore believes that no matter what the record says in the end the goal is to win because the amount of success a team has the more money they will make. 

“The bottom line is they have to play better football and no body disagrees with that” said Moore.  “The bottom line is you have to find a way to win and it’s all about wins.  When you win it puts a band aid on things even if they’re not great.  But when you’re not, everything tries to get exposed and people are trying to do that now.”