Dr. Patrick Mularoni of All Children's Hospital joined the Sports Page Friday and lent plenty of insight into the MRSA that has sidelined Buccaneers Lawrence Tynes and Carl Nicks.

Though Mularoni indicated both players could return relatively soon with proper treatment, he still sounded a concerning tone regarding both players.

"For Lawrence, with that ingrown toenail, he's still gonna have inflammation there, he's still gonna have problems there," Mularoni said. "And for Carl, he's had surgery on that foot. So he's got broken-down skin, so when he developed this blister and when he's developing this tissue that's continuing to be inflammed, if he's got MRSA anywhere else on his body or there's MRSA in the environment, it's gonna want to get back in there and cause another infection."

When asked if the infection could spread to other members of the team Mularoni said it was not likely.

Here is the full conversation. The part specifically relating to the Bucs begins about three minutes in: