By: Reid Pittman
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Former coach and current NBC Analyst, Tony Dungy, joined WDAE’s “The Ron and Ian Show” on Thursday morning to talk about Lovie Smith and what he believes the Bucs will do with their No. 7 draft pick.

When asked about when he met Lovie Smith, Dungy admitted that before he first hired him in 1996 as an assistant coach for the Bucs, he did not know who he was. But after an interview, knew he would be a great coach.

“In 15 minutes, you could tell here was a guy who really understood the game and was a good communicator,” Dungy said. “But he wasn’t one of these ego driven guys who said I have all the answers. I just felt like he was going to be great for us.”

Dungy was then asked about how Lovie Smith would handle situations like in the past where Aqib Talib blew up at Raheem Morris or where Josh Freeman missed team meetings. 

“I’ll be shocked if you hear about guys missing meetings or being late and still playing. You’ll be shocked if they blow up at their coach and they play that week,” Dungy said. “I don’t think Lovie’s going to let that happen and I think that is going to help the team in a lot of ways more so than even the talent they are bringing in.

Ron and Ian then ask Dungy what he believes the Bucs will do with their No. 7 draft pick.

“Well I would hope Jadeveon Clowney would fall down here and be there but I don’t think that’s going to happen,” said Dungy. “I think they are going to look for that high quality pass rusher at No. 7, if he’s not there then maybe you go somewhere to help the offense.”

To listen to Dungy’s full comments on Lovie Smith, Jeff Tedford, Johnny Manziel, what the Bucs should do with their No. 7 pick and more, click below: 


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