by Ryan Adams
The 2012-2013 season for the Bucs was nothing short of a disappointment based on how they began the year.  They finished on the wrong side of history as their pass defense was one of the worst all-time.  That said, it was quite obvious where the focus needed to be heading into the free agency period in the NFL.  Secondary, more specifically the cornerback position, was going to be a huge area needing to be addressed.  Not long after free agency began, the Bucs locked up a huge playmaker safety in Dashon Goldson from the 49ers.  It was a move the fans seem to approve of but still knew their team wasn't out of the woods, yet.
Bring on the Island.
Shortly after signing Goldson, the Bucs turned their attention to All-Pro cornerback for the New York Jets, Darrelle Revis.  The biggest part of this was the fact that Revis is not a free agent.  In fact, he still has one year remaining on his contract with the Jets.  So the negotiations began and have turned into a back and forth tug of war between two GMs, Mark Dominik of the Bucs and John Idzik of the Jets, who refuse to budge on the terms.  The key part of those terms being the Bucs' 13th overall pick in the upcoming 2013 draft.
ESPN NFL Analyst, Sal Paolantonio was on with Steve Duemig Thursday and had some strong words about the Bucs trying to bring in "Revis Island" and the headache it's caused.
"If I were the Bucs, I'd pull the whole deal off the table and make the Jets come back begging." Paolantonio said.  "If they're the only team in the game, why are they negotiating against themselves?  The Jets can't sign Revis because they can't afford his price tag."
The Bucs have been aggressive on trying to bring in Revis, no doubt.  Something Paolantonio has respect for but feels like it just might not be worth it in the end.
"I have respect for Dominik and Schiano," said Paolantonio.  "But I think that they're over paying for Revis."
To listen to Steve Duemig's entire conversation with Sal Paolantonio, click below: