By Tom Krasniqi

Over the last two games, Bucs rookie quarterback Mike Glennon has hit a speed bump.  Glennon has completed just 50% of his passes with 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions.  Despite the bad numbers, head coach Greg Schiano is still a believer in Glennon.

"I think he's progressing," Schiano said after Wednesday's practice. "I think he's understanding things better and better.  We're playing better defenses each week-- better pass rush.  So it's become more of a challenge for a rookie quarterback, without a doubt.  I'm pleased with his progress and we just have to keep moving him on that trajectory."

Glennon passed for just 90 yards on just 9 of 25 completions against the Bills.  The Bucs amassed just 28 yards of offense in the second half.  Schiano attributes the low completion percentage to more downfield passes.

"We've taken some more down the field throws which obviously the percentage is going to be less," Schiano said.  "We've had some more pressure.  I think one of the things you look at is not taking any sacks."

Glennon was sacked just once by Buffalo last week.  Schiano says the rookie has faced two good defenses the last two weeks.  Schiano told Glennon to take the day off on Tuesday just to get away from it. 

"It felt a little weird," Glennon said about his off day.  Glennon said not having to set his alarm clock was a nice change of pace.

If Glennon thought the Bills had a good defense, he hasn't seen anything yet.  The 9-4 Niners come to town on Sunday in front of a sold out Raymond James Stadium.  San Francisco has won 3 straight and have held their opponents to an average of 12 points per game over that span. 

"We know that we're going against a tough defense," Glennon said of the 49ers defense.  "We have to keep grinding away and stay patient."

Despite his recent struggles, the Bucs coaching staff still believes in the rookie signal caller.

"At the end of the day, I think the arrow continues to go up with him with what we've seen out on the practice field and what we've seen him do in some games," offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan said on Wednesday.  "I think that has helped him mature-- the fact that there's been some tough sledding."

The going has been rough lately.  We'll see if Glennon can bounce back against a terrific Niners defense.