By Dory LeBlanc

A day after a 10-13 loss to the Arizona Cardinals, Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano said in no short terms that the Bucs have a lot to do in the week ahead to try to figure out exactly what continues to stall drives on offense.

"There are a few things; one being self-inflicted wounds, whether it be penalty or a mistake," Schiano said. "And then you have to give your opponent credit to, they make a play and get you behind the chains or something like that. It's a combination, it's not one thing."

Sunday's loss sent the Bucs spiraling to a 0-4 record to start the 2013 campaign, but Schiano reiterated that they were a team and they were sticking together. As far as the locker room,the Bucs' skipper said he has several players he can rely on for leadership.

"We have plenty of leadership, we're not in a shortage of that," Schiano said, "And leadership, some of it is speaking up, some of it is just executing better and requiring and demanding and holding others accountable to execute better, whether it be in practice or later on in the game.

"It's easy to start with the captains, but there's more than that."

Up until a few weeks ago, the Bucs' 2009 first round draft pick was a leader, but Sunday, Josh Freeman watched the game from a suite. Speculation has been rampant since late last week that the Bucs would be looking to trade or release Freeman, but Schiano said he leaves those descisions up to the front office.

"The business side of things, Mark [Dominik] and I talk about it, but he handles that," Schian said. "As long as he's [Freeman] a Buccaneer, he will be a member of this team and do the things we do. I'll let that other stuff be handled by Mark."

Schiano declined to speak directly on the future of Josh Freeman and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, adding, "We'll see how everything plays out," but he was willing to talk about the circumstances surrounding the Freeman situation.

"I'm not gong to be naive," Schiano said. "There are a lot of factors involved. This is not high school football, this is professional football and there's salaries and there's contracts and there's those things involved.

"What I do is focus on the things that are going to help us win games, and now we're in a bye week, so there's a lot of things - it's not a particular opponent but it's more 'us,' taking an introspective look at the Buccaneers and what we need to do better in all three phases. There's not going to be a ton of practices, but there's going to be some that we can go out and there and get better. Then we'll get back at it next week and get ready for the Eagles."

To hear the entire press conference, including everything said about Josh Freeman, click the player below: