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QBs Mike White and Steven Bench have both made plays the last few day in Camp. The offense had looked pretty impressive so far, but this has been in shorts. Thursday, the pads come on and we'll see if the offense looks as impressive.

Everyone always says that the offense starts at the offensive line. Last year, the Bulls were down a man as Thor Jozwiak was sidelined before last season started with a heart condition. He was a legit contender for a starting job on the o-line before this happened. The offensive line struggled last season, not giving whoever was at quarterback much time in the pocket.

This year Jozwiak says the offensive line is out to prove the doubters wrong this year.

"The O-line we got a chip on our shoulders, man. That's been an area of criticism for us throughout the spring and coming off last season. So all of us in the O-line room we've taken it upon ourselves to work really hard and settle that chip and have a great offensive line season and get this offense rolling," said Jozwiak.

Running back, Darius Tice, thinks the offensive line is going to do big things this season.

"In the weight room, this past summer, I think all those guys got stronger by like 50 pounds benching and squatting. They come in with excitement everyday. They're ready to work, so I'm just excited to run behind those guys because they just pump me up every time I come onto the field. I'm looking forward to the season," said Tice.

Everyone looks pretty good on the practice field through day three of football camp, but this has all been in shorts. Thursday, the pads come on and we'll see if those same guys making plays in shorts can do it knowing they're going to get hit.

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