Brian Alward
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The defense during the 2013 football season had flashes of positives, but penalties hurt the team tremendously on the defensive side of the ball.

Coach Taggart understands how much the penalties killed his team last year. If penalties happen in practice, it doesn't go without punishment.

"They get a lap and they get punished afterwards too," said Taggart. "We're trying to make a sense of urgency and guys got to stay focused, even when they're tired."

Defensive back Nate Godwin understands that the penalties on the defense side of the ball need to be cut down.

"Defensively, I don't think we had that many pass interferences last year, but off sides we definitely have to stop that, so we're working on that," Godwin said.

Godwin says the amount of talented guys competing for starting roles is going to help the defense as a whole.

"We've got great depth and I like that because in games, in a long season, that's going to be good for us down the stretch," Godwin said.

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