Monday, USF head football coach Willie Taggart confirmed rumors that the Bulls' jerseys would carry "THE TEAM" on the back in lieu of individual players' names. 

The University's official Twitter account has since deleted the tweet sent out yesterday which included both a photo of a mock-up jersey as well as an article to the story, but ESPN's Brett McMurphy has not deleted his tweet from August 18th: 



After consulting with the NCAA, who has strict uniform regulations, USF has opted to remove "THE TEAM" from the jerseys, and leave the space blank. 

According to Joey Knight of the Tampa Bay Times, team spokesman Brian Siegrist said 24 hours ago the idea was still being vetted with the NCAA, but after consultation with college athletics' governing body, it was determined USF was in violation of Rule 1-4-5, which deals with the design of football jerseys.

Rule 1-4-5 indicates that indicates that aside from a player's number, the jersey may only contain the player's name, school name, NCAA logo, sleeve stripes, the American and/or state flag and a logo for the school, conference, mascot, postseason game, memorial or the military. Furthermore, only military service academies may substitute words like "Honor," "Courage," etc. for players' names.

 "We're just gonna go ahead and leave the jerseys blank this year. That's where it ends up at," Siegrist said. 







Photo: Twitter