One of the harshest critics of the Bucs' passing on Johnny Manziel is WDAE's Tom Jones. On Tuesday he got to take his concerns straight to Bucs head coach Lovie Smith.

And while Smith said the Bucs certainly looked into Manziel, his reasoning for instead choosing wide receiver Mike Evans was simple.

"I just don't think you need three good quarterbacks on the roster," Smith said. "We had bigger needs... we have our quarterback in place."

That was a reference to Josh McCown, but then there's the question of Mike Glennon, and specifically Smith's previous comments calling him the Bucs "quarterback of the future."

Smith reiterated that on Tuesday, using the same phrase.

"In an ideal situation you don't want young players to have to come in and play right away. You want them to be around an established veteran, so this is the best situation for Mike Glennon to be in," Smith said.

He also talked about the Bucs' decision to take all offensive players in the Draft.

Here is the full conversation from Tuesday morning.