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Former Bucs head coach Jon Gruden once said that if they when at home, the chances of them making the playoffs would increase. That has been a problem for Tampa Bay.

Since 2009, the Buccaneers carry a 14-26 home record with no season being better than 2010 when they went 4-4. Aside from Gruden, coaches preach using their home field to their advantage and when Lovie Smith was hired, he talked about Raymond James Stadium once being a difficult place for opponents to play in. Smith mentioned that the team has gotten away from that and they have.

The Bucs made the playoffs seven times from 1997 to 2008. In those seven seasons, they went 41-12 at home. But in the other five seasons posted a 5-3 record twice while finishing .500 or lower in the other three.

Coaches say if their teams go .500 on the road but dominate at home, it almost guarantees a spot in the playoffs. That theory held true during the playoff runs the Bucs had and Smith realizes that.




















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