BY: John Mamola

It’s no secret that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers biggest concern after one game of the NFL preseason is the play at the guard position following the untimely loss of Carl Nicks on the first day of training camp.  The Buccaneers allowed pressure to creep into the Buccaneers backfield for most of the evening in their 16-10 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and while the team believes over reacting is not the way to go the play left many Buccaneers fans disconcerted with the position.

Buccaneers radio analyst Anthony Becht joined WDAE’s “The Sports Page” on Monday morning and said while the Bucs are looking internally for the answers as guard, they may want to consider a trade with their deep roster of running backs.

“To me just looking at our roster, our running backs right now are really deep,” said Becht.  “You got some trade bait there with a (Chris) Rainey or a (Mike) James.  Now you got to pick one and keep one, but I think the more these guys show and some of those teams that need running backs if you throw maybe a low round pick you might be able to get yourself a solid offensive lineman from a team.  Not that that’s true or anything like that, but if I’m a GM looking at that I’m thinking I can’t keep all these guys and maybe I can get something to help this team moving forward.”

To hear more of Becht’s breakdown from the 16-10 loss to Jacksonville including his take on Josh McCown and Mike Glennon’s play, click below.






Photo Courtesy of Getty Images