BY: John Mamola

It is very hard to grade how a team selected in an NFL Draft until those selected players actually perform on an NFL field for a number of seasons.  However much like the mock drafts that precede them, NFL analysts from around the country hand out their grades for each team in the days following the NFL draft.

One of those analysts is the NFL Network’s Charley Casserly, a former NFL general manager, who thought the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did a great job selecting all offensive players this past weekend.  Casserly joined WDAE’s ‘The Sports Page’ on Wednesday morning and said going with Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans with the seventh overall selection was the right pick.

“I like the selection.  I thought he was the second best wide receiver in the draft,” said Casserly.  “He just needs some coaching but the raw talent is there.”

Casserly went on to say how not picking Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel was the right move.

“I think they did a good job in the draft and I absolutely would not have taken Manziel with their first pick over Evans,” said the former Texans/Redskins general manager.  “Looking at the body type of Robert Griffin III and Johnny Manziel, Manziel is not going to hold up.  Griffin did not hold up and Manziel’s not going to hold up.  So you might be able to mix it (Manziel’s style of play) in a little bit to keep the defense off balance, but it’s not going to be something that you can have a steady diet of because Manziel will not be able to physically withstand the pounding.”

Casserly said Manziel played “street football” in college, and that type of football just simply would not work in the NFL.









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