BY: John Mamola

It has been nearly a decade since the last time Buccaneers quarterback Josh McCown could call himself the full time starting quarterback of an NFL team.  Following a six game stretch last season taking the place of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, McCown threw for over 1,700 yards with 12 touchdowns and only one interception.

However questions still remain if McCown who was played well last year in limited action can lead an NFL team at the age of 35.

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King joined WDAE’s “The Sports Page” and defending the play of Josh McCown and attempting to silence his critics.

“There’s no reason why he can’t be a middle of the pack, good NFL starting quarterback,” said King.  “People forget last year how good he was for 6-7 games in Chicago.  I mean he was a really really good player.  I challenge anybody who watched him play then in that stretch in Chicago, I challenge them to say that the guy is a ‘fluke’.  People can improve and I think he has improved, and I think he is going to feel that improvement this year.”

King also noted that the play of the Buccaneers offensive line is very key to any success Josh McCown has this season in Tampa Bay.  For more of King’s conversation with Rick Stroud and Tom Jones, click below.







Photo Courtesy Of Getty Images