After a year where NFL players voted him the coach they'd least want to suit up for, Greg Schiano may be taking it a little easier on his guys.

The Bucs head coach indicated to WDAE's Rick Stroud Saturday that he will lighten up somewhat.

"We had one big thing we had to do... establish a culture in the building," Schiano said Saturday. "But I think at this point, our football team understands who I am and how our football program is going to be run."

Schiano famously turned off Kellen Winslow with his "toes on the line" approach and Winslow was dealt away. While Schiano said the discipline will still be in place he may ease off on some of the mandatory functions he forced his players to do, such as requiring specific meals if they're meeting a weight requirement.

"If a guy is meeting his weight, I don't think they need any of staff making sure they check in for breakfast and for lunch. They're grown men," he said.

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