By Evan Winkofsky
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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers took the field at the team's training facility from One Buccaneer Place Tuesday afternoon. 

"Speed." Head Coach Lovie Smith yearned for it in the offseason. General Manager Jason Licht highlighted it as one of the key attributes of new additions to the team.  It without a doubt has been a major theme and focal point as this team looks to rebound from a  4-12 overall record during the 2013 season. 

After two preseason games and weeks of practice "Speed" has a new meaning. 

Twelve year veteran quarterback Josh McCown talked about how the Buccaneers can use a no-huddle offense to their advantage. "It pushes the tempo and forces them (the defense) to make decisions quicker and making everyone play faster," he said. 

McCown also appreciates the amount of pressure it puts on the defense."If you can build stressors into what you do. Things that stress the defense that don't stress you I think that is a positive," he said. 

Fourth year linebacker Mason Foster  is familiar with Tedford's offense facing it every day in practice and even as a collegiate player at the University of Washington. "It's crazy. How fast they run their plays and the shifts. It doesn't give you a lot of time to think," he said. 

Foster understands the importance of practicing against the up tempo offense but it isn't easy. "The toughest thing is you can't hesitate at all. Any type of hesitation you are going to be a step late," he said. 

So what will fans see from this offense? 

"You are going to see everything. That's the toughest thing about the offense. Expect anything and that's exciting," said Foster 

Two questions have been difficult to answer with the Buccaneers as an organization unwilling to give up any of their game-plan. How much will Offensive Coordinator Jeff Tedford use it against the Buffalo Bills and will the Buccaneers feature it during the regular season?

"I don't know how much we will do it but it's a good tool to have," said McCown. 










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