BY: Reid Pittman



Former player and current NBC Sports analyst, Shaun King, called into WDAE’s ‘The Ron and Ian Show’ on Tuesday morning to share his thoughts on the Buc’s new uniforms and their No. 7 draft pick.

When asked about his thoughts on the Buc’s new uniforms, King admitted that at first glance they reminded him of the Bengal’s uniforms, but he will reserve judgment until he sees them in person.

“I’m not against it,” King said. “I need to see them in them and see what they look like on.”

King was also asked what he would do with the Bucs’ No. 7 draft pick.

“If I was the General Manager of Tampa, I would be trying to trade down,” King said. “I’m under the belief that only Bridgewater is going in the top six, so what I would try and do at number seven is trade down and acquire more picks.”

To listen to King’s full comments on the new uniforms, what he believes the Bucs’ should do with their No. 7 pick, the QB class and more click below: