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The debate on if the Bucs should select a receiver with the seventh overall pick rolls on. Whether it's Clemson's Sammy Watkins or Texas A&M's Mike Evans many feel it would be a reach to draft either at the position. While it does hold true to some degree, there is still room for optimism.

Going back to the past 10 draft, here is a list of receivers selected in the Top 10 of each draft:

Larry Fitzgerald (3rd)
Roy Williams (7th)
Reggie Williams (9th)

Braylon Edwards (3rd) 
Troy Williamson (7th)
Mike Williams, USC (10th)


Calvin Johnson (2nd)
Tedd Ginn, Jr. (9th)


Darrius Heyward-Bey (9th)
Michael Crabtree (10th)


A.J. Green (4th)
Julio Jones (6th)

Justin Blackmon (5th)

Tavon Austin (8th)

Green and Jones have four Pro Bowls between the two while Green is a two-time All-Pro. Crabtree is a 1,000-yard receiver and Austin won was honored with Pro Football Writes of America's All-Rookie Team for his performance last season. 

The recent crop of receivers are collectively providing more production than that of the previous five years when you remove Johnson and Fitzgerald from that list. This could prove that if the Bucs do go with a receiver at No. 7 — no matter how deep the draft class is — odds are they can land one that can be productive right away.













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