By Dory LeBlanc
Follow @DoryLeBlanc's Chris Harry joined The Sports Page Monday morning to break down the SEC Tournament and the entire Florida Gators season. 

One word that is constantly used to describe the 2013-14 Gators is "special."

According to Harry, Billy Donovan, fresh off his second consecutive SEC Coach of the Year Award, and his emphasis on togetherness a big reason why.

"Because they're connected," Harry said. "He's (Donovan) has done some really interesting things when it comes to getting these guys to draw closer to each other whether it's these meetings he has - these therapy meetings he has with these guys. It's basically therapy. They're inside in a locker room for a couple hours dealing with a sports psychologist where they're talking to each other and stuff's coming out - personal kind of stuff that's really drawn these guys closer together and Billy said that's something they didn't the past couple of years.

"There doesn't seem to be a lot of jealousy on this team, if at all."


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