By Dory LeBlanc
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Tim Brando is one of the biggest supporters of the SEC, so it's no surprise that the radio and TV host believes the Florida Gators deserve their No. 1 ranking, but when it comes to the level of competition in the Southeastern Conference, Brando expressed to The Sports Page that many people are overlooking a significant factor - they are still a talented division.

"They're the best team in the country," Brando said. "I have a hard time understanding why you can't gauge them."

"You know, fellas, I think that you guys have to understand that the math may not be good on the SEC, but the personnel is pretty good. I hear what you're saying, but I think you're falling victim to this thought process that the teams that they're playing are just no good and that's just not true.

"You've got a lot of Top-100 wins by some of these teams in the SEC, they just haven't done it against Top-50's."


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