Last year's AL Cy Young Winner David Price has struggled so far this season to say the least. The ace on the other end, Fernando Rodney, isn't doing much better.

Entering the 2013 campaign, Price had a career 3.32 ERA and was 62-34. In seven starts this season, the fifth-year pitcher has a 6.32 ERA and is 1-3. 

Rodney was lights out for the Rays last year, making 76 appearances and registering 74.2 saves with an .60 ERA. In 11 trips to the mound in 2013, Rodney has managed only four saves, and his ERA ballooned to 5.06.

Former MLB outfielder Darryl Hamilton joined the Ron and Ian show Tuesday morning and said slumps are just part of the game.

"Every pitcher goes through a little funk where they don't throw as hard as they used to," Hamilton said, "and it's not one of those things where, sure there are times where it is a physical problem, I don't think it's like that with David Price."

Hamilton also believes when it comes to Rodney, small changes can have big effects, but Rodney is still an elite closer.

"The one thing I noticed last night is that he (Rodney) doesn't have his hat tilt to the side," Hamilton said. "Little things like that are a mental part of the game."

"Fernando Rodney and a lot of closers have the same type of attitude," Hamilton added, "And this is why they're elite closers, they know their stuff is good and they're going to challenge hitters."

One common thread tying these two together they may help both get out of their slumps is Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon. 

"Joe Maddon is one of the best managers in the game," Hamilton said, "And he's one of the most positive guys I've ever met."

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