By: Jennifer Dixon


Andy Freed, the voice of Rays baseball stopped by the Sports Page to discuss former Rays outfielder Sam Fuld and why he was so valuable for the Rays.

“If you look at the roster constraints of the team more and more, it seems to have great value in guys that can play in so many different positions and versatility,” Freed said. “Look at Sam Fuld, himself, last year hardly ever started maybe once or twice last year. Look at the total number of games he played because he was always entering for defense, always entering for pitch hitting,” Freed said.

Even though he signed with the A’s, Freed still believes that Fuld could still come back to Tampa Bay.

“I wouldn’t be shocked, if at some point he does come back to the Rays,” Freed said. “He has two outs in his contact - one at the end of Spring Training and one at the beginning of June,” said Freed. 


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