BY: John Mamola

The ongoing fire strom between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Boston Red Sox took another turn on Sunday afternoon after David Ortiz blasted a three run home run into the right field stands, only to take his time admiring his accomplishment from home plate and take his time strolling around the bases.  Rays pitcher Chris Archer took offense to Ortiz’ antics in his post game comments, only to have Ortiz respond with comments about Archer’s lack of experience in the major leagues.

Former Rays pitcher and current Bleacher Report analyst Dirk Hayhurst joined WDAE’s “The Sports Page” on Tuesday morning and said he doesn’t know why people still get upset with Ortiz’ antics.

“Everybody knows ‘Big Papi’ does this,” said Hayhurst.  “Look, David Ortiz pimps home runs like no other.  You might as well call him “Dolomite” out there for God sakes.  He needs like a cane and some feathery hats and a white tux for goodness sakes he gets so into it.  But he’s hit so many home runs that the general thinking is he can do whatever he wants, and that’s how most unwritten rules work in baseball.”

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Photo Courtesy of Getty Images