by Steve Carney

The Rays are feeling strong after taking two of three from the Detroit Tigers at Tropicana Field over the weekend, but people will likely remember the verbal back-and-forth between Detroit third baseman Miguel Cabrera and Tampa Bay closer Fernando Rodney Saturday that resulted in second baseman Ben Zobrist being hit by a Rick Porcello pitch Sunday.

Rays television reporter Todd Kalas joined the Ron and Ian Show Monday morning to discuss the incidents.

"I think [Rodney] intentionally threw inside.  The fact that the pitch was up was probably a little unintentional," Kalas said.  "But they were jawing back-and-forth before that pitch, so there was definitely a message behind that, but I don't think he intentionally went that close to the coconut."

As for Cabrera's reaction, the longtime broadcaster was disappointed in it.

"I kind of lost a little bit of respect with him to be honest with you over the weekend," Kalas admitted.  "He's the best hitter in baseball, there's no doubt about it, and he has a joy for the game that you rarely see.  But part of the game of baseball is you're going to get buzzed every once in a while.

"I will admit, Fernando threw too close to his head, but that's part of the game.  It happened, and you don't whine like he did the other day."

Click below to hear Todd's take as to when the animosity may have started, and what may have caused Jeremy Hellickson's improvement.