BY: John Mamola

With a new season about to begin in St. Petersburg and a new mayor in place, the same questions arise when it comes to the future of the Tampa Bay Rays in St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay region.  New Mayor of St. Petersburg Rick Kriseman joined WDAE’s ‘The Sports Page’ on Friday and spoke of his involvement with the Rays and the city.

“Obviously the Rays are one of the biggest issues I have on my plate,” said Kriseman.  “It has been out there for a long time now, and it really needs to come to a conclusion one way or the other.  My goal is to do everything I can to keep the team here.”

Kriseman did mention that he has talked privately with the Rays about the current contract with the city, which runs through 2027.  Also the new Mayor of St. Pete said he and the Rays agree that all discussion should be held in private in order to get the most progress from the discussions. 

“We all get to live in this great city (St. Petersburg).  We’ve invested a lot of our heart, soul and tax dollars into this team and the facility.  People gave up their homes and businesses for the facility to be built, so I owe it to them to try and keep the team here (in St. Petersburg),” said Kriseman.





Photo Courtesy Of Steve Carney