Just about two hours before first pitch Thursday Rays manager Joe Maddon was kind enough to chat with Ian Beckles on WDAE.

Maddon was in a good mood after Wednesday's Chris Archer-led win but wasn't too thrilled with having to play such an early game.

"I only like day games when we win 'em," he told Ian.

Also Maddon got into the struggles of a couple of notable Rays. As far as Jeremy Hellickson, recently sent to the minors, Maddon was largely optimistic and indicated it would be "about a week only" of an absence before he's back.

"We truly felt we were doing him a favor, and us a favor, by giving him a break," Maddon said.

And after a hot start Wil Myers has cooled off. Maddon chalked it up to the normal downs some hitters go through, bringing up the fact Evan Longoria recently had the same thing happen but is back to being extremely productive.

Here is the full conversation: