by Steve Carney / 620 WDAE
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The Tampa Bay Rays are thought of as a team that tends to count every penny each offseason, However, Andrew Friedman and the Baseball Operation department have opened the wallet and inked a number of free agents for 2014, including first baseman James Loney and reliever Grant Balfour, as well as signing left-hander David Price to a one-year, $14 million deal.

"Anytime they spend money, and when they spend that much money, it's kind of surprising because we're considered a smaller market," McGee told WDAE's Tom Krasniqi Friday afternoon.  "At the same time, it shows we're ready to win now."

The Tampa Bay payroll is expected to exceed $80 million this season.

McGee also discussed the importance of bringing back Loney on a three-year deal, whether anyone has a better starting rotation than Tampa Bay, and not caring what teams like the Yankees and Red Sox are doing in their offseasons.

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