by Steve Carney

It's been a long route to the big-leagues for outfielder Wil Myers, and his flight from Durham, North Carolina to Boston was a sign of what he's overcome. 

Myers said his flight has to be diverted because of the weather in the Boston area (where thunderstorms have been going on all day), but now that's he's arrived, he ready to help the Rays win.

"I didn't know what day it was going to happen," Myers said Monday.  "That wasn't even on my mind.  I was just focusing on having good at-bats and working hard in Triple-A to try and improve my game."

Myers had his family at the game Sunday in Durham for Father's Day when he was pulled in the second inning.

"Having my dad be there, that was very special for me," Myers admitted.  "So it was just a very cool experience for it to happen [Sunday]."

Myers also discussed who he reached out to for help when Major League in spring training, where he think he'll play in the outfield, and his thoughts on fans who have been calling for his promotion for the past few weeks.

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