Wil Myers was the big name in the James Shields trade, but one of the "other" parts of the trade will see the field first for Tampa Bay.

Jake Odorizzi gets the call for Monday afternoon's 1:07 p.m. start in Toronto.

Monday morning, daily guest Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times talked about Odorizzi's expectations.

Odorizzi told Topkin his two starts last season with Kansas City have him prepared. "I feel a lot more at home having been up once already," Odorizzi said.

Actually it may be more comfortable than his last start in Durham.

"His last start ironically was his worst one," Topkin told Tom and Rick Monday. "That was the one they pulled him from, without telling him why, and then after the game he finds out -- because the Tampa Bay front office called and told them to get him out of there."

Topkin added that calling up Odorizzi "was the plan" since David Price's injury.

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