BY: John Mamola

The annual Baseball America Major League Best Tools poll results are out and the Tampa Bay Rays are well represented.  The baseball publication took a poll of every major league manager in a wide range of categories from best hitter to best defensive player at each position.

According to the poll results, here are how the Tampa Bay Rays ranked:

BEST FASTBALL - Jake McGee - 2nd In American League
BEST DEFENSIVE 1B - James Loney - 2nd In American League
BEST DEFENSIVE 3B - Evan Longoria - 2nd In American League
BEST INFIELD ARM - Yunel Escobar - 3rd In American League
BEST MANAGER - Joe Maddon - 3rd In American League

To see the full results of the poll including who finished above these selected Rays in their respective categories as well who ranked high in the National League, click here.





Photo Courtesy Of Getty Images